CEO of Hersi Herbs, Sanaa

  • Creation & Idea of Hersi Herbs,

Success begins every morning with a cup of Hersi Herbs. I’ve regained control of my life for the first time to wake up excited and now my mission is to create an accessible wellness program to also help others.   

Throughout my entire life, I have  lived without questioning prescription stimulants and caffeine intake until addiction made me very concerned. Over the last several years I've tried different diets to be caffeine free while also being a productive member of society. I’ve tried a few diets like keto, paleo, etc which failed. Then I started experimenting with mushrooms. While all of these approaches have their pros and cons, I found that medicinal adaptogenic mushrooms like lion’s mane ,chaga, nootropics, L-Theanine etc. These herbs are more optimal for productivity and stress while not impacting my body and emotional state the way prescription and lots of caffeine did. 

              Meet your new morning ritual of Elevate Latte                              


                   We Value 

The daily rituals for body & mind that enable us to rise and be active. 

                   We Promise 

To deliver the highest quality products, source sustainability packages always as promised. 

                    We Are 

Offering a daily to keep one’s body & mind clear and fueled. 

                    We Feel 

Excited to introduce our products and share this journey together.

I hope Elevate Latte & many of our products change your life the way it did ours.